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a ryda-di-o'nolis di-syana
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What is Syana?

Syana is a world-building and conlang project detailing the culture and language of a fictional pacific nation. The project includes information about the history of Syana, as well as its current political and cultural landscape.

The fictional religion of Raa-Dyanism is also included, with a complex pantheon of deities and religious figures. The influences of this religion upon Syana stretch from annual festivals and the calendar, to the Syan language itself.

We hope you take interest in the project and have fun looking through the Syan Encyclopedia!

Examples of Syan:

Hello, my name is...

kiA, a bAsil di-Ad ki-a...

Aana is eating the red berries.

a o'niAn kara ki-a karos-a adA Ana.

"not now" said Roka.

/nAl bAsa/ roka lalAna-ni.

What can be found in the encyclopedia?

This website is an ever-growing collection of information and content from the Syana project. Here you can find: all the necessary content of the Syan language; information about Syan culture/history and the country of Syana as a whole; facts and knowledge about the religion of Raa-Dyanism.

There are over 60 pages of in-depth worldbuilding to discover, ranging from detailed biographies on political figures to a list of the most popular names within Syana. Don't know where to start? Try checking out our gallery in the miscellaneous section, where you can browse through a general look at the visual worldbuilding of the project.

Looking for something specific? Try our index.